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Couple of bits of news…

Firstly,  I have a picture (‘Entrance‘ which you can see a few posts below this one) in a show called ‘Wide-Awake Dreaming’ at the Vermont PhotoPlace Gallery from November 2nd to 24th.

And secondly, for some reason you can now find me on Twitter – at least occassionally talking about photography. Please feel free to consider this the modern equivalent of those well-to-do Victorians who would pay to visit Bedlam, with the added bonus that it’s free and you’re less likely to have ordure flung in your direction.


Pimentos de Padron

Pimentos de Padron

As usual I’ve been growing lots of chillies this summer (Early Jalapeno, Ring of Fire, Red Cherry, Thai Long and Pusa Jwala this time around), but the stars of the show have been my Pimentos de Padron.  Despite having had a traditionally damp and cool northern-British summer they’ve been very prolific, and faster to flower and fruit than any of the others.

They’re also delicious.  The traditional tapas-style recipe for them is simply to fry whole in olive oil until they’re soft and the skin just starts to blister, then drain and sprinkle with some sea salt.  Eat immediately, preferably with a cold cerveza!

(I’m up to my ankles in negatives at the moment, so should have lots of photos to show you soon…)

Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key



Well, I was planning about now to do a big post about my exciting upcoming solo exhibition in Manchester next month … except that the venue has – suddenly and without warning – gone out of business.  So, there we go.

I’d already had some really nice frames made (from Jack at Creative Recycling) so if anyone was thinking of buying a print and would like a cheap framing deal just drop me a line.

Also, apologies to all the people who took flyers for the show.  Quite a lot went out and I don’t have any other way of passing on the news.

O Ano da Morte de José Saramago

Very sad to learn of the death of José Saramago.  I’ve actually just been going through a big phase of reading his work, and I suppose it’s a selfish sort of sadness to suddenly become aware that the remaining little stack of his books awaiting my attention will only ever get smaller now.

Anyway, if you haven’t already then now is the time to head out and find yourself copies of Blindness, The Gospel According to Jesus Christ, The Double, The Stone Raft, All The Names et al…

One-woman mosh pit


This is the fate that befalls all of Kat’s picks sooner or later…

Music on the Curry Mile